Thursday, January 6, 2011

now in frisco

its been a hectic few months.
last time we posted we were on vacation in tokyo, japan. since then we returned to arlington va. it was a lackluster city. it was nice to be in washington and see all the gov't buildings. but as a canadian it was a bit ho hum.
there really wasn't a lot to do in arlington. however, we did have a great time attending weekly pole dancing classes as well as a few flying trapeze classes.

we also made a couple of nice friends, yes they were boys. we also ran a 5 mile race around the pentagon and got a tour inside it too!

then we moved to atlanta, ga. sadly, within our first few days there a co-worker got shot. thus imposing a 'don't go out at night' rule. not strictly enforced but recommended.

so we didn't go out a lot. we did go to the world of coke, little 5 points, and underground atlanta.
we also had a bad back most of the city and had surgery. we are recovering well from it.

now we are currently in frisco, tx. its not the most exciting city. kinda a mix of san jose and hartford. san jose in that there is a large mall to entertain yourself in (and only that) and hartford in that there is no public transit and everyone honks at you when you walk around. . .no one seems to have heard of this "walking" thing.

alright, we have to sign off now and get some sleep, we head out early morning to fly to orlando, florida to run the goofy challenge at disney world!!!

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