Sunday, January 9, 2011

the goofy race challenge

so we did it. we flew to orlando, florida to run not only a half marathon but a full marathon. 2 days in a row! we did well on the half, finishing in 2hr 17min. we took it easy this race so we'd be in good shape the next day. however, our body didn't really think we took it easy enough. by mile 4 we felt not so great. but a large chunk of that was because of it being so cold and us in so little clothing.
we easily made it to mile 13 and by then we were worried. we weren't sure we'd actually finish.
but we persevered and pushed ourself to the limits! a large chunk of the last half of the full was walk 2 min and run to the next mile marker. in the end we took around 5hrs 45min.
truthfully, even though it took longer than the first (and only other) full marathon we ran before we are happy we finished. happy that we proved to ourselves that we can push ourselves to the limit and beyond, that we never gave up and we can conquer all!

after the full today we went over to disney hollywood studios and spent the day there. a good friend of ours got us free admission! we spent several hours there enjoying as much as we could.
unfortunately though our day got cut short (we were planning to attend a show at 630p then pop to the magic kingdom) when we discovered our flight home cancelled due to snow and had to frantically book another flight, cancel the original flight (took a lot of talking to get that done. . . they didn't want to refund us as the cancellation was due to nature and not them), get the shuttle pick up 7 hrs earlier and now we're dealing with the fact that our lodging in frisco has been shuffled around. the suite we are in is no longer available and we are being moved to a different building entirely! worst part is we have 2 parcels being set to us at the old address, scheduled to arrive this week!

ah well, it will all work out!
we fly home early tomorrow and get home with enough time to relax before i go to sleep!

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