Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sooo blurry

here we are posing on a table inside tour st jean. on this table are things more cute than us! a sign reads to please not steal the item, but if you must, leave a dollar behind!

quebec city

weee're soo not drunk! we're chilling at tour st jean; the apartments where those with seniority get to live! right in the heart of downtown quebec city
unfortunately for the rest of us we're waaaaaaaay out in sainte foy. .

first transfer; heading to quebec city

heeerreee we areeee ooon the buuus heeaaeaeading tooo oooo quuuebeeeec city! ouuuur first trassnfer!

camping at miracle beach

choppin wood or choppin duckies? its really hard to control an axe that is much larger than you are. . . .

camping at miracle beach

the best part of camping, is of course, the campfire and roasting marshmallows! of course, we made a lot of s'mores!

camping at miracle beach

only the essentials! chocolate, ice and cheese! of course, our many has his nifty camping set. . . i brought the toothbrush!

camping at miracle beach

instead of a tent, we tied a hammock up and slept in it! didn't even need the tarp or mosquito netting

camping at miracle beach

here our boy is making jiffy pop over a campfire!!!

going down. . .

campfire at miracle beach

our mommy leaves us alone for just a few minutes and mutiny has already started! no one could agree on how to get the campfire started so some of us were forced to walk the plank!

our first bonfire on vacation

here we are with scottie, grandma, our man and grandpa at goose spit. we're enjoying the sunshine and a bonfire on our vacation!

first vacation - finally home

hermes, our honorary duckie, is all ready to meet up with our boy sean! we're so excited to be on our first vacation since starting the tour. ironically, our vacation is the first 'touring' part as we're still technically in montreal!

first vacation

all ready to check in and fly home!

montreal airport

we're so lazy that we decided to drive to the plane instead of walking. .

taking the 'escalator' to the plane in the montreal airport

packing for our first transfer - montreal to quebec city

the closests are so bare!!! sooo many clothes to fit in so little space. . .

pack for the first transfer - montreal to quebec city

almost done packing
we're very excited to finally start touring!

packing up for our first transfer - montreal to quebec city