Monday, July 6, 2009

chinese buffet

and yet another one of us got caught!

by the end of brunch we had been made to promise to buy chopsticks and use them at every meal from this point onwards at work!!! what a nasty man that lee wai is! but we'll show him!!

chinese buffet

here we are trying to enjoy our brunch when charlie and his lizard captured us!

chinese brunch!

here is charlie! we're in chinatown having a traditional chinese brunch! you order several little dishes and drink tea. i felt like a guinea pig under great watch as i tried new dishes i've never had and everyone expected me to dislike them or react funny!

i had cows stomach, chicken feet (super yummy) and this really yummy rice porrige. sooo good!!! and i discovered that a certain tea is used for cleaning chopsticks and not drinking!

6 flaggs

the tea cup ride, the tree ride and finally, heading home after a long day of fun!

6 flaggs


6 flaggs

he plays all innocent, but we know better

6 flaggs

waiting for our rides! we're about to go on a roller coaster!

6 flaggs

lee wai, charlie and his mother ride the kiddie tree!

6 flaggs park

here we are at the park! rides, games and so much more! we really didn't do well at the bowling game though. . only got 60 points

6 flaggs amusement park!

so today we had a great day, we went to an amusement park with jenny, her nephew charlie, his mother and lee wai. we had so much fun! charlie's mom tried to make him play translater in exchange for ice cream. . unfortunately he didn't really do a good job. lee wai and i had to rely on gestures and funny faces to talk to each other. . but it worked well. and we had so much fun!

sean's hair goes bye bye

and here we have it folks, all done and sexy

sean's hair goes bye bye

chop chop chop!

sean's hair goes bye bye

eeeee, its gone! time to style

sean's hair goes bye bye

here he is, having his hair put into a braid. after it gets chopped off we'll set it aside until he can mail it to be donated to be made into a wig. what a generous guy!

sean's hair goes bye bye

here we are, ready to say goodbye to sean's long, beautiful hair!! to symbolize graduating, he's decided to cut his hair since he started growing it when he started school 8 yrs ago!


here we are at our favorite breakfast place in montreal, cora's!!! sean is getting to experience the yumminess of this city!

just somewhere cool


our first poutine experience

as you can see we really really enjoyed our poutine!! this particular establishment is called "frites alores" and the poutine was great!

our first poutine experience!

here you see, our very very very first ever experience eating poutine!! why wait so long? well two reasons: one we're not supposed to eat potatoes, grease, oily foods. . all of which is what makes poutine great!!! unfortunately, despite enjoying this wonderful treat we did get quite sick later on that evening.
the other reason for waiting, is that we wanted to enjoy this first experience with our guy sean! we like having first food experiences with him!!!
as you can see though, he's not sitting with us and we're munching on his poutine as he's in the restroom! not only that, finally, us baby duckies get out to enjoy the world!

a little behind. . but sean's visit to montreal!

ok, someday, we promise, to get our act together and try to both blog more and be more on time
back in may our boyfriend, sean, came out for a week long visit to montreal. unfortunately, we still had to work, but we did get to have some quality time with our guy!
we explored parts of montreal we had not gone to before, had some new experiences and chilled a lot.

we even got some pictures to captured our great moments. . behold!