Saturday, March 27, 2010

nappy time on the plane

sleepy now!

not only is this our first international flight but its the largest plane we've ever been on! the economy section alone was the size of the last plane i flew on! it just goes on forever!

our flight to seoul, korea

such luxuries and economy class too! the seats were really comfy and each came with a blanket, pillow and headphones. and of course lots and lots of munchies the whole flight!

getting ready to go to seoul

well we made it thru security quite quickly and had a ton of time to spare. in our journey around the airport we found a spa! what luck!! we got ourselves a foot massage and got very very relaxed. . .

baby mice from san francisco!

we found these, seriously, in the cocoon tissue fabric under the stage. we figured the rain caused mommy to take her week old babies somewhere warmer and more dry. unfortunately mom never came back for them so vero took them home and nursed them as best she could. we helped out a bit whenever possible.

Friday, March 26, 2010

san jose

a surprise visit on our blog of piercy. not technically part of our family, but touring with the technicians in the lighting/sound department. piercy has gotten a bit of a new do with his sexy yellow hook hat!

the little ones guarded over the bedroom

san jose

we had yet another huuuge washroom! i swear we get so spoiled sometimes!
and sitting just behind that table is our brand new guitar for rockband 2!!!

san jose

and our very very exciting kitchen!

san jose

while not too exciting thought we'd post up a few random pictures of our pad in san jose. we also found a few cute pictures from san francisco that we forget we took!
as with all places we had a lovely welcome book that we never remembered to read! and in our bedroom we had a great view of ourself! a large dresser with an even larger mirror!

Friday, March 12, 2010

leaving san jose

we have to apologize for a lack of blogging in this city. is has been a very boring city
no downtown, long bus/light rail trips just to get anywhere.
but we do have to confess we've had a large accomplishment this city; we ran our first marathon! 26.2miles in 5hrs 21min. we're very proud of ourselves.
so now were down too less than 2 weeks left in san jose and a trip to seoul, korea!
we're very excited about our first international trip, ever! plus getting to see our boyfriend will be great! its been so long (december) since we've seen him.

and unfortunately that is all we really have to say. its been a ridicously boring city. little shopping, little fun, lots of running and watching movies.

oh yes, we must also mention that we finally got rockband 2 and have been rocking and rolling our way thru an online world tour!