Sunday, February 8, 2009

these two are just like sean! naughty, frisky and trying to cause trouble! playing in signs . . .

our journey into chinatown to find bbq pork buns was quite difficult. despite the many pretty buildings we found (like this one here) it was almost impossible to find a bakery! there were tons of restaurants everywhere though so we'll be back to eat lunch here soon! the most enjoyable part is that the main road thru chinatown is pedestrian only! so much easier to walk around and enjoy both sides of the street

we finally found our way to montreal's chinatown! its quite amazing and pretty! what's fantastic is that a lot of the people here speak chinese, french and english!


tattoo duckie is trying his hand at the snow devil duckies. . .but his just looks like a blob! we mustn't laugh out loud! heheheheheheheh

here we are outside enjoying the snow!
zombie duckie (our newest member of the family) is doing his best to make a devil snow duckie!
woooo. . . do not adjust your television. . .
this is our first and one of our rare shots with our mom! she takes us everywhere she can!
i believe the lady on that cover is the creater/owner of this chain of restaurant. . . i hear that there is even one in toronto! our 3rd city on the tour... but we're not there for quite awhile.
despite not speaking any french we're finding it quite easy to adapt and adjust to living in montreal. lots of montrealers speakers english as well, as well as play sherades quite well too!

here we are on our first real outing in montreal! we're at this cool trendy crepe type restaurant having brunch with the girls! all of us got out today to enjoy this treat! we ended up picking a crepe that had a spinach and cheese omelet wrapped inside a crepe!