Sunday, September 26, 2010


meet tokyo transit officer!


at the asakusa temple


red bulll!!!!!!!!!


we found this really cool craft museum.




here you buy a candle (100 yen) and then light it, say a prayer and put it inside this glass case.
but not me! don't leave me here!


here we are at the asakusa temple. you pay 100 yen, draw a numbered stick out of the metal cylinder and you get a fortune!


this is the tsukji fish market! amazing, amazing sushi!


so here we are at tokyo station!
all ready to hope on the keiyo line and find our hotel!


so we've just arrived after a very very long 14hr flight. that thankfully wasn't too bad as we were able to switch seats so we weren't next to a small child. here we are on the narita express. a train that goes from the narita airport to tokyo station. as you can see by the blurry window behind we're going pretty fast!


coming soon!
us in tokyo!
yes tokyo!!!
no, our tour has not quite gone international. . . however we did!
we took our vacation this year to tokyo to go primarily to the tokyo game show!
it was amazing!
only 8 days (with a whole day lost to travelling by plane) but it was amazing! so worth the pain of jet lag!
we saw so many temples, harajuku, dancers, girls in amazing clothes, shopping, so much yummy food!

and of course the tokyo game show was mind boggling! so many games! new games! we love games!!!


nooooo, don't kiss me!!!!
not me, not me!!!

ha, ha
this is our friend john! he was a cricket in the show for a few months. unfortunately he was only a temp. a replacement for an injured artist. . which sadly means he has left us for another show!


boston is beautiful!


is there ever any doubt that we'll find water no matter where we go?
boston is an amazing city and we're quite sad to have left it already. it was too short a stay and not enough days off! but we blame Gersh for that. . . he had many friends and family in boston so he requested as many nights and days off as possible.
for a fellow swing tech we will forgive.
the crab here is great! all the seafood is!
however, we will admit it was very, very humid!


and our mommy has outdone herself yet again! such a scrumptious lunch! we have fruit salad, onigiri, salad and a shake!

ninja duckie is trying to eat all the fruit! such a piggie!


here we are just outside quincy market with Olga! this yellow thing is a large banana type thing!
but don't worry, its not squashing us!

an outing in boston

as always we get shoved into the bag. . . but at least this time its with the yummy lunch!
we're going out to quincy market in boston, ma
and with our new friend Olga!

Friday, July 16, 2010

newest member of our family

so here is our newest member of our family!!!
he's from boston, from our lovely roommate natasha!
but we don't have a name for him!!!
please feel free to post name suggestions and we'll let you know what we pick!

we totally skipped hartford

for those of you who are following my tour and know where we have gone we do apologize.
hartford was soooooooo boring that we stayed in the whole time!
aside from the mall there was pretty much nothing to do. so we ran a lot!
the 5 weeks we were there were long, hot, humid and boring!
tear down was painful; we're not sure we like this humidity or that it likes us.

but the teardown is over! and we're currently in boston!
like hartford, boston is very hot and humid. very, very hot and humid. we're not doing so well right now unfotunately. our internal organs are very upset and the heat is making it worse. . might even take a sick day!
and we're a bit lonely as only some of us travelled via the bus from hartford to boston. the vast majority of us are still on the luggage truck. and due to such a small site, us techies won't be getting our luggage today as usual but on monday with the artists.

such is life!

we had a fantastic day off this past wednesday. with our roommate, natasha, (we promise a picture of her soon!) we explored boston! found groceries, mall, and lots and lots of shopping!
speaking of our roommate we've arrived in boston to a great surprise! sushi!! our amazing roommate had bought sushi and was awaiting our arrival! how sweet!

we're also learning a lot about russian culture. (our roommate is russian) and she's an amazing teacher!
speaking of russian, we're also currently learning the russian langauage! partially because she and the other girls are eager to teach us but also because there are some cute russian boys!

so yes, boston is fun so far! we are very much looking forward to our next day off to get our hair and nails done! and to relax!

speaking of relaxing, we can't wait to unpack our video games!!!! we have a gaming date next week with a cute local boy! natasha is very much looking forward to the cute boys we're bringing over! and there are also lots of cute boys in our building! (pictures of our view to come soon once we're all here!) we are highly motivated to run indoors this city as well since there are lots of cuties in the gym!

and we found absinthe! real absinthe!!! sweeeeeeeeet!

we love boston!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new york

our kitchen!

new york

our very spacious living room complete with big windows!! we love big windows!!!

new york

here is our apartment in new york!
this is our bedroom. it comes not only with a desk, but our dancing pole (yes the bedroom is that big that it can hold a queen sized bed and a dancing pole) it also comes with a flat screen tv!

new york

we have the hottest sister in town

Monday, April 19, 2010

liberty island

on our way to liberty island

here we are out and about in new york!
on our way to liberty island to see the statue of liberty

statue of liberty

no take this subway. i say the green line, no the purple line! where are we?


so many video games!!

video games!

another tradiational meal

can't get enough of the yummy food!

at sean's friend jeremy's new pad

a 2L bottle of beer cost less than $4!!!!!!

our first korean dinner

so sean took me out somewhere in seoul. we had a very expensive dinner our first night out! guess we have expensive taste!
all korean meals come with appetizers. most are spicy dishes (you get several small dishes. . 4-6) and often you get daikon! my fav!!
we shared a vegetable pancake! super yummy!