Friday, July 16, 2010

we totally skipped hartford

for those of you who are following my tour and know where we have gone we do apologize.
hartford was soooooooo boring that we stayed in the whole time!
aside from the mall there was pretty much nothing to do. so we ran a lot!
the 5 weeks we were there were long, hot, humid and boring!
tear down was painful; we're not sure we like this humidity or that it likes us.

but the teardown is over! and we're currently in boston!
like hartford, boston is very hot and humid. very, very hot and humid. we're not doing so well right now unfotunately. our internal organs are very upset and the heat is making it worse. . might even take a sick day!
and we're a bit lonely as only some of us travelled via the bus from hartford to boston. the vast majority of us are still on the luggage truck. and due to such a small site, us techies won't be getting our luggage today as usual but on monday with the artists.

such is life!

we had a fantastic day off this past wednesday. with our roommate, natasha, (we promise a picture of her soon!) we explored boston! found groceries, mall, and lots and lots of shopping!
speaking of our roommate we've arrived in boston to a great surprise! sushi!! our amazing roommate had bought sushi and was awaiting our arrival! how sweet!

we're also learning a lot about russian culture. (our roommate is russian) and she's an amazing teacher!
speaking of russian, we're also currently learning the russian langauage! partially because she and the other girls are eager to teach us but also because there are some cute russian boys!

so yes, boston is fun so far! we are very much looking forward to our next day off to get our hair and nails done! and to relax!

speaking of relaxing, we can't wait to unpack our video games!!!! we have a gaming date next week with a cute local boy! natasha is very much looking forward to the cute boys we're bringing over! and there are also lots of cute boys in our building! (pictures of our view to come soon once we're all here!) we are highly motivated to run indoors this city as well since there are lots of cuties in the gym!

and we found absinthe! real absinthe!!! sweeeeeeeeet!

we love boston!

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