Friday, March 12, 2010

leaving san jose

we have to apologize for a lack of blogging in this city. is has been a very boring city
no downtown, long bus/light rail trips just to get anywhere.
but we do have to confess we've had a large accomplishment this city; we ran our first marathon! 26.2miles in 5hrs 21min. we're very proud of ourselves.
so now were down too less than 2 weeks left in san jose and a trip to seoul, korea!
we're very excited about our first international trip, ever! plus getting to see our boyfriend will be great! its been so long (december) since we've seen him.

and unfortunately that is all we really have to say. its been a ridicously boring city. little shopping, little fun, lots of running and watching movies.

oh yes, we must also mention that we finally got rockband 2 and have been rocking and rolling our way thru an online world tour!

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