Thursday, February 4, 2010

san jose

its been a whirlwind month as we finish our city run in san francisco. in the past month there has been a huge change in the technical crew. almost the entire rigging department has moved around. some going to new shows, some leaving on sabbatical. also in my department there has been a change. one crew member leaving and we're currently awaiting his replacements arrival.

we must say that we were truly spoiled in san francisco. the area we lived in, the city with alls its pleasures, joys and spectacular view. . . it was such a joy to be living there. it unfortunately makes san jose seem a bit of a downer. despite a good rail system and buses galore there is little to do in san jose. downtown appears to have died despite attempts to bring it life. its rundown, dingy and overall a bit depressing. although it is full of many hotels and restaurants it lacks life and shopping outside of eating. it lacks the life most downtowns in a city consist of.

malls, beaches, entertainment are very, very far away. without a car it is almost impossible to get anywhere without losing large quantities of time. a mere trip to the mall the other day took over an hour on just the light rail. although we will admit the trip was success as we found shoes both for work and play (and on sale) and we found our gel carbohydrates for our marathon!! now we can eat on the run.

speaking of running, depsite a week off for teardown/set up we have been keeping up with it quite well. this past week we ran 19 miles! our longest run yet!!! by the end of this week we'll have run a total of 40miles! our marathon is just under 4 weeks away. we're very nervous but looking forward to the challenge.

and we are getting prepared for it. we've booked our car rental and hotel. we've only to make a spa appointment for the next day. and we're planning our food for the week before. apparently we're to increase our carbohydrate intake the few days before to help our body out. i'm looking forward to a stop at IHOP!

oh yes, this transfer we worked mast down. which was a lot of fun! we're apparently doing it again next city. we quite excited about it. its fun to do something on teardown thats outside your own department!

so in san jose right now we're about to premier tonight. premier dinner is the best!!! site is about 5 miles away so it makes for a good run and a good bike ride to and from work. there is the light rail if needed, but exercise is best!

plus our dancing pole is up and running. we've learned a new move!
and work wise things will be a bit boring. we're training people on the carp 2 track which means a lot of time under the stage. boo!

alright, we're off to work!

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