Monday, January 4, 2010

double dark

ok for those of you who aren't in the theatre biz you're probably wondering what a double dark is. . .
a dark day, traditionally, in theatre is a day off. a double dark is two days off in a row. we often get one double dark in each city. this city we're blessed with 2! this is the first of the 2.
instead of spending our first day enjoying the sun we actually went to work and hauled the 2 skins off to the laundermaut. we managed too, barely, fit the skins in a triple load machine. 1 skin per machine and man, we had to fight to get them in! then we took the newly cleaned skins (first time in a year we might add) back to work and hung them in the air. for those who've not seen our show these skins are huge! then encompass the entire back half of the set. the are approx 60' in height and 80' wide. not an easy task climbing the masts and hanging soaking wet skins but we succeeded!
now we're home and getting ready for our run. actually, we guess, procrastinating as its an 8mile run. and well, we want to run but whew. . 8 miles! which is probably a small feat as we're getting ready for a 26 mile marathon! we're nuts!!! the marathon we're running is in napa valley. it starts in calistoga and we're staying at a lovely in with mineral water pools!

and as a result of working today instead of losing our double dark we're actually gaining an additional day on weds so we end up with 2.5days off.

alright, time to stop procrastinating and get our buns in gear!

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