Tuesday, December 29, 2009

december in san francisco

a lot has happened in this past month. our flying act has been cut out of the show temporarily as things get fixed. we're all a little sad and missing it very much, techs and artists alike.
we've learned a new track! we're now running rig 3!!! but alas, without a flying act there is little rigging in the track. . but i do get to toss a big bottle of bug spray at an artist!

we've signed up for a marathon in march and have started our training for it. farthest we've run so far is 6miles. . . pretty impressive. to test ourselves this past sunday we just ran a 5k race! we finished in 30mins. . 5 min less than our personal best.

winter, here in san francisco is amazing. warm. ok, not super sunny hawaii warm, but still not below zero cold! the temparature has yet to get less than 3 degrees out here which is wonderful! it may not be shorts weather (although a few days have been close!) but we've not needed our winter booties

christmas was warm, sunny and no snow! we had a great day. slept in, ate chocolate and skyped our boyfriend. we made him chase around the house looking for post its until he found he his present. a macbook pro! he was super suprised and happy. and we got a game for our ds that has a ton of games!! sooo sooo many games on one disk! and then we had a friend come over and play video games all day long! a 14hr marathon of games!!

our boyfriend has just left for korea to teach english. he's enjoying it alright despite jet lag and the chaoticness of their lack of organizing. . . lol

and thats about it! we're running daily and getting ready for our marathon! can't wait!!
2010 is just around the corner and we'll hit a year with cirque! time for a fancy jacket!

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  1. Oooh, a marathon!! That's quite a challange. Happy New Year Duckie! I have a postcard to mail to you... just gotta find a mailbox.