Wednesday, November 18, 2009

san francisco

so we just had our first annual leave with cirque
we got a week off to do as we please so we took this opportunity to drive all over ontario to visit
family we've not seen in a long time and to introduce our boyfriend to them!

we went to waterloo, collingwood, owen sound, ottawa, bayfield and london. we had a fantastic week off.

then we boarded a plane, went thru customs, had a brief stop in vegas (layover) and ended up in sunny and slightly windy san francisco!

we've only been here a day but we already love it!!! we've discovered whole foods, got ourselves a new cell phone and taken long walks around the neighborhood. we're close to site and the rest of downtown.

the weather here is quite nice. still jacket worthy but nice.

in the next few days we'll pull out our jogging shoes and start running! although we are close to work, we'll do a detour to add distance as we prepare for our marathon!!! we've got 3 months to train before we reach san jose and the marathon in napa valley.

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