Saturday, May 9, 2009

long time no blog!

well we must apologize to everyone for such a long absence
it has been a hectic couple of months!
we've moved from the studio to the old port and froze our butts off!!!
then we were back in the creation process for quite some time and doing minor projects.
we finally opened on april 23rd, but just prior to that we had 2 lions den (no we didn't get nibbled on!) where we presented our stuff to guy and got critqued!

last night we officially world premiered and it was a great show!

so, aside from work in the last 2 months we haven't done a whole lot. we've gone to the gym, started a knitting project which is taking soooo long! (maybe cuz we're too busy working)
we also got ourselves a bicycle! we promise pictures of us riding soon! in fact, look forward to many more pictures quite soon as our boyfriend is in town and we'll be out and about alot!

speaking of which, about 2 weeks ago was our 30th birthday and we got the best present ever! our boyfriend popped into town for the day!! how nice is that?

and yes, we all share the same boyfriend, easier for us, more attention for him!

the show we work on is called OVO and is in montreal til july 19th. we then move to quebec city for 3 weeks in august and toronto for 2 months in sept/oct. do come see us work hard!

right now we mostly work on tracks called carp 1 or carp 2. we open traps, page curtains, move props, set up a flying act and a large web. its tons of fun!

unfortunately we can't take any pictures of the set while in montreal. . .too many eyes watching. however, our boss has promised us that we can take some pictures inside once we leave! so you can look forward to that!

well, i guess we better head on off to work!

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