Saturday, January 24, 2009


so we've now been in montreal for a week. we've yet to go out and explore much beyond the mall/grocery stores below our building. we've come down with a horrible cold and are struggling just to make it thru the week. but we've luckily gotten an extra day off today and tomorrow is our regular day off so we're gonna take it easy and sleep sleep away!

our first day with cirque involved an orientation of the building, the stage and meeting of our fellow workers.

from day 2 and onwards we've started what cirque calls 'staging'. its where the director takes the acrobatic acts that she's worked on in the studio and gets to do them on the real set. it also allows us from a technical perspective to see how things will work, how to make things work, etc. . .

so far its involved a lot of sitting around. . and most of the next month will probably be just that. but still its fun. we get our own locker to put stuff into and look forward to decorating it with pictures of our man!

now all we have to do is figure out what time the simpsons is on tomorrow. .

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